Engage The Art Of Jazz 

In this four- session seminar series you will:October Is Arts Month Engage Jazz

  • Enjoy jazz music in a new way!
  • Peek into what makes jazz, jazz.
  • Explore styles, especially emerging jazz.
  • Listen with new ears
  • Share and discuss music from curated lists.

We will break down the music and analyze the rhythms, melodies and harmonies that make jazz unique. We will learn the various styles of  jazz and give extra attentinon to the emerging jazz styles of today.

Get hip on what makes jazz jazzy! Through active listening, experiential activities, and stimulating discussion you will understand the form and structure of jazz and the  role of each instrument.  You will practice listening skills that increase enjoyment of jazz and all music. Together we will analyze extraordinary music and find out what makes it hip.  Learn the styles of jazz and find the jazz you love. 

The Jazz Evolution
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Starts October 9, 2017!

Produced by The Art Of Jazz
Facilitator: Joseph Liberti
Hosted by Bemis School of Art at Colorado College
Starts Monday October 9 2017

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