First Step Up The Ladder

The Ladder To The Moon just got a little closer to being over the moon!

We actually launched our first crowdfunding project this morning. The funds will help with program and music development. Sponsors make tax-deductible contributions and earn perks including tickets to Ladder To The Moon and the After Party to be held in the Deco Lounge.

We just received our first contributions. Thank you!!

Check out our campaign and please share.


A Love Affair With Georgia

A Love Affair With Georgia

love symbol - musicAre you a Georgia O’Keeffe lover? 

Until July 2014, I had admired some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s artwork but had slim knowledge of the amazing artist. When I learned that the Fine Arts Center was bringing an O’Keefe show to the Springs I started doing research. The more time I spent engaged with Georgia’s art the more smitten I became. When I learned more about the amazing person she was, I fell in love. (My wife approves) I launched The Ladder To The Moon project and I put my passion to work

Ladder To The Moon Project

Georgia O’Keeffe sometimes painted the colors, shapes and emotions she experienced while listening to music.  The program Ladder To The Moon, named after one of her paintings,will present compositions, arrangements and improvisations inspired by O’Keefe’s art.  The premiere program will be presented by Bemis School Of ArtJuly 9, 2015 in an exclusive performance at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center during their “Year of O’Keeffe.” I’ll give you a “heads up” when ticket sales begin.

The Development Project

The project includes creation and performance of the music and more. Click here to read more about Georgia O’Keeffe and the Ladder To The Moon development project.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Perks

You can enjoy the program and inspire others. Your tax deductible contribution will sponsor a song and earn you perks including tickets to Ladder To The Moon and the After Party. Click here to visit the Ladder To The Moon campaign at Indigogo.

See You Soon

I’ve been immersed in this project and have been a  musicical hermit. I miss seeing y’all and look forward to the next time.

Joseph Liberti

How To Read Music

How does music work? They want to know.

Participants in our seminar series “The Art Of Jazz” are often very curious about how music is made. We disuses the structure of jazz in that course but folks also want some basics. We found the great Ted Video on YouTube. Enjoy!

Engage The Art Of Jazz At The Jazz Soirée

Engage The Art Of Jazz – Live At The Jazz Soirée October 10

Engage JazzOctober is Engage Art Month in Colorado Springs. The Jazz Soirée is a great way to engage Jazz, America’s original art form. The live jazz concerts, presented by The Art Of Jazz since 2012, include audience interaction, with Joseph Liberti providing some jazz facts and guiding some conversation about the music. If you are new to jazz you’ll feel more at home as you discover.  Experienced jazz fans will get extra enjoyment. The quiet, intimate, listening space gives you a chance to experience the music and the musicians “up close and personal.”

On Friday October 10 from 8:00 PM to 10:15 PM The Jazz Soirée presents: What’s Love Got To Do With at Soirée Events 1003 S. Tejon St. The program includes music from the great American songbook played in a variety of styles. The October event features a rhythm section of some of Denver’s finest jazz players: David Hanson on keyboard, Kim Stone on Bass and Kevin Smith on drums. Joseph Liberti rounds out the group playing some fine jazz flute that can be sweet, cool or sassy.

Sit back, view the wonderful art exhibit, sip some of Soirée’s fine wine or craft beer and engage some great music.

Click here for Tickets

Fall Into Art – Special Events For October In Colorado

October is Engage Art Month In Colorado

Engage JazzWe can say goodbye to Summer. It’s time to Fall into art!

This October, the Pikes Peak region will celebrate Arts Month as a way to highlight the quality, diversity and value of arts & culture in our community.

Orchestrated by the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (see, our local Arts Month initiative, called Engage Art, will coincide with National Arts & Humanities Month, which was established in 1993 and is observed every October throughout the United States.

The national program was initiated to encourage Americans to explore new facets of the arts and humanities in their lives, and to begin a lifelong habit of participation in the arts and humanities. Over the past two decades, it has become the nation’s largest collective annual celebration of the arts. October 2014 marks the first time that the Pikes Peak region will join in this national effort.

This October you will find many special events at galleries, museums and music venues – opportunities to explore and engage art to enrich your life. We invite you to participate with us in two special opportunities to engage the art of jazz.

1. The Jazz Engagement at Bemis School Of Art – Begins October 1

This one month adventure into the jazz experience is the current version of our “jazzinar” series which has delighted participants since 2011.  The program uses live and recorded music to transform your ability to listen to, understand and enjoy jazz.

This experience, which includes four seminars and one live jazz concert, is our second at Bemis. The last class was filled 50% with people new to jazz and 50% experienced jazz lovers. All wrote that the series dramatically increased their ability to enjoy jazz and other music!

Click here to see details and enrollment at Bemis. (Not for you this time? Please share the information and help others engage jazz.)

2. The Return of The Jazz Soiree – October 10

After taking the Summer off, the Jazz Soirée returns with some great players, some straight ahead jazz and a few new twists. A great rhythm section is a thing of beauty as they play their way through well loved jazz standards. Come join us and hear Denver’s Hanson, Stone and Smith with yours truly. We’re back at Soirée 100 S. Tejon. Bring your smart phone or iPad and participate in some extra fun. Click here for details and Early Bird tickets at $5 off!

Whichever adventure you choose – be it paintings, sculpture, dance, jazz or more, engage Colorado Springs art and artists this month for more pleasure in your life.

Be well and happy until we see you again,

Joseph Liberti

Engage The Arts-Engage Jazz

Engage The Arts – Engage Jazz

This October,the Pikes Peak region will celebrate Arts Month as a way to highlight the quality, diversity and value of arts & culture in our community.This will coincide with National Arts and Humanities month, observed every October through the US since 1993, to encourage Americans to explore art and enrich their lives.

Engage art this month! One great way is to engage the art of jazz at The Jazz Soiree October 10.

Must I dance?

No, you do not need to dance to have fun at Flutedaddy’s Dance Party!

Stepahnie Hancock at FluteDaddy's Dance PartyThis week I have heard from people asking about FluteDaddy’s Dance Party at Ivywild Sunday August 24 at 7:00 PM. They ask, “is this just for dancers? Do I need to dance?” No, you do not need to dance to have fun at Flutedaddy’s Dance Party! If you want to just listen and enjoy some great songs and good times memories this is for you too! It is a real treat to hear our vocalist Stephanie Hancock belting out a Stevie Wonder or Aretha Franklin tune. You will enjoy guitar solos by Alan Joseph and bass rips by Kim Stone and hot sax licks by Brad Eastin and more. This night will be a fun night. Come on down and listen or dance!


Oscar Peterson On Piano Jazz

A Lesson In Jazz Piano Styling of The Masters From The Great Oscar Peterson